Guitar Lessons

I am now offering beginning and intermediate level guitar lessons. I am located in the Aurora, Colorado area. In home lessons available.

My name is Keith Lewis. I have been playing guitar for over 35 years and I have experience with many different styles of music including country, rock, folk and blues. I have worked as a performing and a studio musician. I teach acoustic and electric guitar. If you have ever wanted to play guitar, please call or email me.

Although I have no professional association with any particular music store, I can also help you decide on the right guitar with which to begin. I have worked in the music retail business in the past as well as working as a guitar repairman. I know guitars pretty well and I can help you sort the truth from the hype.

E-mail Keith here or call (303) 766-8385

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Here, in no particular order, are a few examples of my playing styles:


Funk 49.95

The Water is Wide

A-Minor Latin


Never Satisfied

Minor Swing

The Gift

The Arkansas Traveler

Samba Pa Ti

Video on YouTube


Come Together

Only You

Ave Maria

Hybrid Picking

Would You Like to Play the Guitar

Shower the People

In My Face (Don't Slam the Door!)

Slip Slidin' Away